Monday, July 13, 2009

Almost Done...

Here's a piece from Mary Beth McKenzie's class at the Art Student's League. I'd like to clean up a few things in the background and fix some edges on the body before I call this one finished.

I got bogged down in the details on this one- I spent most of the last day trying to make the face look like the model before I really solidified the larger masses of the head. So I wasted a bunch of time that I could have spent on other things. I was able to mostly save the head mass in the head, but had to give up getting it to look like the model. That bums me out on a certain level- though no one would ever really know aside from those who saw the setup, I always feel I owe a certain amount of respect to catch the likeness or posture or something else characteristic of that particular model. I was also bummed that I never learned the model's name, which something else I owe to the model out of respect.